Tutorial: Sparrow Add-ons

Daniel Sperl on January 2, 2011

The Sparrow user Shilo has created a great tutorial that shows you how to extend Sparrow. It currently contains the following topics:

  • Sound Pitch
  • Text Drop-shadow
  • Quad Border
  • Quad Fill
  • Quad Scew
  • Quad Gradient
  • Set/Get FrameRate on Initialization
  • Stage Color
  • Show Framerate on Screen

Find the tutorial itself here and join the discussion in this forum thread. Thanks for your contribution, Shilo! I’m sure some of the described features will find their way into one of the next Sparrow releases.

Even if you’re not going to use all the features, you will learn a lot about the internals of Sparrow by having a look at this tutorial. It showcases one of the key strengths of Sparrow: simplicity! Sparrow aims to be simple to use AND simple to understand.

If you are a Sparrow user, never hesitate to look at its internals: you’d be surprised how simple it is. That’s the key feature of good software and of open source software in particular: if it feels like you could have done it yourself, you will feel comfortable using it! Make use of that philosophy.

A happy new year to all Sparrow users! May your projects and games find the success they have earned by all your hard work.