Sparrow in the Mac Developer Magazine 01/2011!

Daniel Sperl on January 10, 2011

For all German readers: I had the honor of writing an article about game development on the iOS platform for the German Magazine “Mac Developer”. It contains an overview about what you have to consider when you want to create a game for the App Store, ranging from the gameplay idea over design issues, the tools you have at your hands, and - of course - the available frameworks and technologies you can choose from.

"Mac Developer 01/2011"

This is, however, just a small fraction of a highly readable issue of this Magazine. You will find a lot of other interesting articles about game development in there, since this is the cover topic of this issue. I can warmly recommend it to any iOS developer, provided that you have German language skills (no matter if you are using Sparrow or not).

Right at the end, you will find a short interview with the main developer of Sparrow - well, me! - shamelessly advertising the framework. ;-)

Update: Thankfully, the interview is now available online! You can find it here.