Download Starling

Download the all-in-one ZIP package for Starling. Extract that ZIP somewhere in your home directory. The package contains the following:

  • The Starling library source code,
  • a precompiled swc library for you to use right away,
  • and a demo project that showcases how to use Starling.

Download Starling 2.7

* Jedi hint: You can also fork/pull Starling from our repository on GitHub if your midi-chlorian level is high enough.
* Kirk hint: If you need to travel to the past (humpback whales, anyone?) you can also grab one of the previous releases.
* Ripley hint: Alternatively, take a seat in front of one of Nostromo's computer terminals and enter `apm install starling` (see APM).

Get Notified About Important Updates

The next step is easy but important: Subscribe to our very low-volume* newsletter to get notified about critical updates and fixes:

* Ergo: You won't get spammed about sky-colored performance improving medicinaries. You don't need those with Starling.

Take Your First Steps

Follow our very important first steps aka getting started guide to learn how to correctly setup your Starling project.

First Steps