Recommended Tools
There are many apps, tools, extensions & services that work very well with Sparrow. Some of the following vendors are affiliated with us: they support Sparrow if you purchase their software or service via the links on this page. So if you're picking one of those, you're helping the Sparrow project at the same time!
What every Sparrow developer needs



If you're looking for a place to host your game's website, Git repository or custom backend, look no further: Uberspace is simply the best hosting service for developers, period. You get full shell access to install your custom tools, and the support is amazing. Powering all of Gamua's websites!

Author stunning animations and display them in Sparrow

Flash Animation


Flump converts Flash keyframe animations into texture atlases and XML or JSON that can be easily integrated into any scene graph-based 2D game engine. Sparrow and Starling are supported out of the box!

Create sprite sheets and bitmap fonts for maximum performance

Texture & Font Generation


With TexturePacker, making spritesheets is easy and fast. TexturePacker supports many input data formats and exports to a lot of gaming frameworks. It has both GUI and commandline interface and lots of features to help you optimize your sprites to reduce memory usage and improve performance.

Glyph Designer

The ultimate bitmap font tool for OS X and Windows. Create beautiful designs using highly configurable effects, definable backgrounds, zooming & full-screen. Sparrow and Starling will load its font files natively!

Add polishment to your game with dynamic special effects

Special effects


PhysicsEditor is a GUI tool to create collision shapes within seconds! Without specifying any additional options PhysicsEditor already creates very good results, but you also have enough options available to adjust things to your needs.

Particle Designer

The Number one particle effects editor designed specifically for Mac. Choose from a massive user submitted library or design your own unique effects. Use Sparrow's Particle plugin to integrate those particle systems into your game in no time.