The Open Source Game Engine for iOS
  • Sparrow benefits from a clean and focused design, providing an elegant foundation on which to build great games.
    David Hamm, VP Engineering, Villain
  • Coming from an actionscript background, choosing Sparrow as our route into iOS development was a no-brainer.
    Alex Harrison, Lead games developer,
  • With Sparrow's approachable API, small footprint and fast performance, you'll be focusing what's most important: your game.
    Jonathan Chung, Founder & CEO, Stencyl
  • If you want to make games instead of reading books about game engines to know how they work, then Sparrow Framework is your choice.
    Kostya Teterin, Emotion Rays
Free & Open Source*
Sparrow does not cost a dime. Download and use it right away — no strings attached. And because it is Open Source, you're always in control: step through the code and learn from its internals. Everything is well documented and easy to understand. Drop your in-house engine and focus on your games!

* Simplified BSD License
Pure Objective-C — No Trade-offs
Sparrow is a pure Objective-C library that was built from ground up for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can easily integrate it with your existing UIKit apps, access all iOS APIs directly (like GameCenter, iAds, Camera, ...) and benefit from native performance. Stop developing in a black box, and go for complete control!
Amazing Performance, familiar API
If you have already worked with Adobe™ Flash or Starling, you will feel right at home: Sparrow uses the same concepts and naming schemes. Even if you're coming from a different background, you'll get the hang of it quickly, because everything is designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. And since all rendering is done through optimized OpenGL calls, Sparrow exposes the hardware's full potential. In other words: it's FAST!
App Store proven, Community powered
Sparrow already powers a plethora of games in the App Store. It is backed up by a huge community providing tutorials, extensions, and a helping hand when you're stuck. The Sparrow community is one of the most active and friendly you'll ever find. Join us now!