Privacy Policy

Gamua takes privacy seriously – which means that we only store what's truly necessary, nothing more. And what we do store is handled with the highest care.

Of course, if you want any of your data exported or deleted, a quick mail to the office mailbox at this domain will suffice, and we'll take care of it.

Data we process

  • When you access the Gamua website or forums, we use the Open Source software Matomo for basic analytics (hosted on the same server as the website). However, all the IP addresses are truncated, so we can't identify and / or track individual users; and you can easily opt-out of this via the "do not track" setting of your browser. (Cookie consent boxes are, sorry for the bad language, bullshit.)
  • To be able to post in our forums or write in our wikis, you need to create an account. What's stored is just the information you provided during registration (i.e. username, password) and the individual posts / edits you made.
  • For Flox, have a look at its separate privacy policy.

Data we do not process

  • Ordering and purchasing the "Starling Handbook" is done entirely via Gumroad; we merely forward to their website.
  • When you post a comment below a blog post, you actually interact with the Disqus service; Gamua doesn't process or store any of this data.
  • Our newsletters are managed and dispatched via MailChimp. To unsubscribe, use the link that's provided at the bottom of each e-mail.

Where the data is stored

  • Our websites and mailboxes are all hosted by Uberspace on servers in Germany, powered by green energy.
  • The Flox service and data storage is handled exclusively via the Google App Engine.

That's it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out any time.