Photo Play – Find it!

The classic eagle eye trainer is back!
Spot the differences & collect rings – will you be able to fill up your album?

Just like the original on the beloved "PHOTO PLAY" terminal, this is a game for all ages: find four differences between two images – and be fast for a good rank on the leaderboard! With each find you'll be earning golden rings that can be exchanged for new images.

  • Play against the clock in "Classic"- or relax in "Zen"-mode!
  • Enjoy hundreds of colorful photos from top photographers.
  • Earn image packs and fill up your album piece by piece.
  • Play on your phone or on the big screen of a tablet – your progress
    is kept in sync wherever you go.
  • Local & global leaderboards.
  • Extra gentle to your device battery.
  • In-App purchases are completely optional (but I'm thankful for any support)!
  • With the official PHOTO PLAY license.

Getting help

Do you need help with Find it? Or do you have any suggestions / feedback / criticism? By all means – I'm looking forward to receiving your message! Reach me at find-it (at) gamua (dot) com.

Privacy Policy

I don't want any of your data! Please keep it! ;-)

However, of course I need to store a few things for you to be able to provide a seamless gameplay experience. Here's how the game handles your data:

Game Center / Google Play Games

When the game starts, you're automatically logged in via Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Games (Android). That allows me to store your personal progress (which images you own, etc.) on the cloud servers of Apple or Google, respectively. That's also where the game's global leaderboards reside.

You can configure your login via the "Settings" app on iOS, or via the "Play Games" app on Android. It's purely optional!

Game Logs

For debugging purposes, the game may send anonymous log files to Gamua. That way, I can quickly see when something is going wrong and can fix the game accordingly. However, those files are automatically deleted after a maximum of two weeks, and I'll never give away any of that data.

That's it!