Pay As You Grow
No upfront costs. No monthly commitments. No minimum fees.
Buy server operations when you need them, instead of committing to monthly payments.
Pay only for the amount of server operations you actually use.
Operations never expire: There are no minimum fees and no obligations.
Choose the package that best fits your games. The numbers below are estimates on how long an operations package will last based on typical game profiles.
2.000.000 Ops
8.000.000 Ops
100.000.000 Ops
Lone Wolf Garage Game
You work alone or in a small team
1 Year 10 Years 100 Years
Successful Indie Game
You run a successful indie game dev team
1 Month 1 Year 10 Years
Big-Ass Game
You've got one big-ass game on your hands
1 Week 1 Month 1 Year
Different server actions cost different amounts of operations. Use the table below to get a feeling for these costs. As a rule of thumb: Executing server actions from game clients (e.g. by using the SDKs) requires operations. Browsing and using the web interface is free, except when you kick off large-scale management jobs.
Action Operations
Adding games Free
Adding leaderboards Free
Browsing analytics & logs Free
Browsing players & entities Free
Load bursts Free
Loading scores 1
Saving a score 1
Loading a player/entity by its ID 1
Querying for player/entity IDs 1
Modifying a player/entity 2*
Authenticating a player 2
Starting a game session 1
Total storage used 1 per MB per day
*When you create custom indices on your entities or players, each indexed property causes 2 additional operations.