General Awesomeness
Due to the way we Flox is laid out, it comes with a set of meta-features that come in handy with any type of game.
The power of the whole Google server farm is at your fingertips. Use it!
Flox is cloud-backed and therefore has almost no downtimes.
Flox provides a extremely flexible API that fits well-nigh any usecase.
Flox and it's SDK are as lightweight as they come.
Flox is a download-and-go solution: You will be up-and-running in no time.
Flox is free of dependencies in several different ways.
Work in teams: collaborate on your games with others.
Flox comes with a lot of documented knowledge.
Could not find the answer in the docs? Don't worry: we're here to help.
Devices & Languages
Flox runs on almost all game-relevant devices. It comes with integrated offline support and several different SDKs.
Offline Support
Do you want your players to be able to play offline? No problem!
Mobile Support
Flox runs on all mobile devices supported by Adobe Air.
Desktop Support
Flox runs in all Flash-enabled desktop browsers.
ActionScript SDK
Use Flox in your Flash and AIR games with our Flash/AS3 SDK.
Objective-C SDK
Use Flox in your iOS and OSX games with the soon-to-come Objective-C SDK.
Ruby Gem
Access your data or automize recurring tasks with the Flox Ruby gem.
Platforms & Players
Flox is built to perfectly integrate with any platform you can throw at it. This includes but is not limited to facebook, Twitter, Google+. Flox also allows you to authenticate your players using emails.
Authenticate your players using the Facebook API.
Authenticate your players using the iOS GameCenter API.
Authenticate your players using Google+.
Email Authentication
Let Flox authenticate your players using a nifty email system.
Key Authentication
Integrate with any kind of external authentication system.
Guest Authentication
Skip any form of authentication by using guest players.
Features, Features, Features
The Flox backend and SDK grant access to a set of specific features that includes analytics, leaderboards, player authentication and a data storage setup we call "entities".
Make use of insightful charts and analytics.
Flox provides DAU, WAU, MAU and related metrics out-of-the-box.
Custom Events
Extend the set of out-of-the-box analytics with your own custom data.
Analyze the log files of all your game installations.
Get out-of-the-box leaderboards for your games.
Conveniently identify and manage your players.
Store any form of data using our nifty entity system.
Load your game data using comprehensive query strings.
Secure your game data using our integrated permission system.