February 12, 2010

Using a texture atlas

When using OpenGL on the iPhone (you do when you use Sparrow), you can speed up rendering quite a bit when you group your textures in one big texture atlas. The reasons: In OpenGL, there’s always one texture active at a given moment. Whenever you change the active texture, a...

February 10, 2010

Sparrow forum online

Hello everyone, my name is Holger and I am, amongst other things, responsible for the Sparrow website. In order to have a place where we can have discussions and answer your Sparrow questions, I would like to draw your attention to the new Sparrow Forum, which went online just a...

January 29, 2010

Just added "An introduction to Sparrow"

I just wanted to inform you that we added a documentation section that teaches you all you need to know to get started with Sparrow. You will learn all about the most important features of Sparrow: Display Objects Events Displaying Text Animations Extending Sparrow Dive into it here. If any...

January 26, 2010

Another game framework for the iPhone? - Part 3

As I wrote in the last post, we decided to write our next games in Objective C, with a framework that was designed with games in mind. This, of course, limited the choice of suitable game libraries. There are several C++ frameworks and even one that uses C# (Unity). I...

January 22, 2010

Another game framework for the iPhone? - Part 2

Last time, I described our first iPhone game, Find it!. As I said, that’s a game that was relatively straight forward to implement, as there’s not too much movement involved. For that reason, we created the game directly with Cocoa (and learned Cocoa by doing so). But some things are...

January 19, 2010

Another game framework for the iPhone? - Part 1

Hi folks! I’m Daniel, and I am responsible for most of the source code that makes up the Sparrow framework. Some of you might be interested in how the sparrow came to life, so I thought I drop a few words at this place. We started development of Sparrow quite...

January 15, 2010

Sparrow download available

Hello again, as you probably already know: the Sparrow website went online yesterday. Today we added the Sparrow framework download in version 0.7. Give it a try! To the download!