Starling Handbook: Pre-Launch Giveaway

Daniel Sperl on May 16, 2017

First things first: the Starling Handbook is finally ready! W00t!

Do you remember? If not, I can’t blame you: it’s been quite a while since I announced it in this blog post.

In a nutshell, this book is going to be the official “bible” for all Starling developers, with lots of information for beginners and advanced users alike. For example, you will learn how to create a complete game from start to finish – giving you a feeling about the API and how to structure your code. Furthermore, we’re digging deeper into the API than ever before – some tricks will give you goosebumps, promised!

All in all, it’s a whopping 360 pages of pure geek knowledge.

The official launch of the book is this Friday (May 19th). It took me over half a year of writing, but I’m really proud of the result – and I have reason to hope that you guys are going to love it, too. You can’t imagine how happy I am – finally, I can put this book into your hands!

By the way: as you might have noticed when looking at the photos, I actually managed to create a paperback version, too! I know that many of you prefer reading on real paper, so I am really happy this worked out. Besides – isn’t it just gorgeous?

48 Hour Launch Deal: 20% OFF

Good news, everyone! To compensate all of you for the long wait, I’m going to provide a 20% discount for the first 48 hours after the launch. Don’t miss it! Sunday morning, the final price is set, and there is no going back.

[If you’re like me and tend to always be too late to a party, just register here to get a reminder.]

Paperback Giveaway!

To celebrate the release, I’m giving away one “Starling Handbook” for free, paperback version included! To apply, just add a comment below – with the twist that your comment must contain a rhyme!

For example, you could write: “Gimme the book, because I really like its look!” Well, or something that makes a little more sense. :)

But you need to be fast: Friday morning (CEST), when the official sale starts, I will close the contest and let Math.random pick a winner! Mrs. or Mr. Lucky will be announced in a separate blog post on Friday. (The quality of the rhyme is not taken into account, promised.)

Good luck, guys – see you on Friday!