The Road to Starling 2

Daniel Sperl on April 28, 2016

Here’s another quick update for all Starling developers — no worries, I’ll keep it short today!

Starling 2.0.1

First of all, I wanted to tell you that I just released the maintenance release 2.0.1 on GitHub, which fixes a few minor issues that were reported during the last couple of days. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! The update is recommended for all Starling 2.0 users; I recommend you get it via git pull, or simply by an old-fashioned download.

Flash Online Conference #13

But the actual reason for this post is something different. Earlier in April, there was the Flash Online Conference #13, featuring lots of interesting talks:

  • Chris Campbell: Roadmap Update
  • Daniel Sperl: The Road to Starling 2.0
  • Josh Tynjala: What’s new in Feathers 3.0?
  • Peter Stefcek: What’s new in Genome2D
  • Javier Abud & Ramiro Bazan: The Tech behind “RoboBlastPlanet”
  • Johann Huang: Extending Starling Builder

You can watch the conference in its entirety here; that requires the Adobe Connect browser plugin, though, and it will easily take up your entire afternoon. ;-)

Thus, I thought it would be useful for some of you to extract just my talk about Starling; that way, you can easily watch it on the go. At a length of about 40 minutes, I’m confabulating about how Starling 2 came into being, introduce you to some of the new concepts — and tell you which road blocks I hit along the way.

The idea was to offer you a look behind the scenes, as well as providing some programming tips that should be useful for any developer — no matter which language and framework you are using. I hope you enjoy it!