Black Friday Deal: Get the Flox SDK Source For Free

Holger Weissböck on November 29, 2013

Hello floxxers! The wait is over: we just open-sourced the Flox SDK! Enjoy our black friday deal! ;-)

Philosophical Preamble

As you know, Gamua is an open-source company since day one. Actually Sparrow was open-source even before day one. Whatever the exact date, it has always been our philosophy that closed sources are a fading echo from the past: at least for frameworks and libraries. It just makes development absurdly hard when you have to work with a black box. That’s why we decided very early on that Flox should follow the same paradigm.

Over the past few weeks Daniel San has worked his code-karate on the Flox SDK and pushed it to our GitHub repository. This is called the crane technique, but I guess you already know that since most of you have seen the documentary about it:

Daniel San's Crane Kick

What’s In It For You

Having the full source code of the SDK gives you a bunch of sweet advantages. Here are but some:

  • Full source-code introspection: You can now code and debug with all the source-code information at hand. This gives you a great deal of documentation and flexibility right where you need it: in your IDE.
  • A look behind the scenes: Up until now you had to trust us that we are doing the right thing. Now you can make sure! ;-)
  • Branching: Do you need custom features in your SDK? Branch away!
  • Porting: We are working on porting the SDK to several other languages. However, if you need these ports rather now than later feel free to port away!

By the way, making the SDK open-source does not change anything for all of you who want Flox to be super-easy to use. The SDK will still be available as a compiled SWC which you can drop in your lib folder and code away.


So, finally, here’s the link to the The Flox AS3 SDK on GitHub.

Tell us what you make of this!