Games Round-Up

Daniel Sperl on September 26, 2013

During the last months, developers all over the world created stunning games with Starling and Sparrow. From one-man shows to huge companies; from garage game to Triple-A; from card game to action platformer - it seems that everything is possible with Starling & Sparrow, especially in combination with Flox, Feathers, and the Citrus Engine.

Here is an overview of the games we’re especially proud of!

Snailboy - an Epic Adventure

I’ll start with a brand new game: “Snailboy” was launched this very day. It was produced by the South African indie games company Thoopid.

Snailboy is a unique physics based puzzler with amazingly detailed graphics and over 40 exciting levels. Isn’t it a beauty? The game uses Starling and the Citrus Engine, as well as Flox. And to be honest, I didn’t believe it at first! ;-)

» Homepage - Trailer - App Store

Fix the Leaks

This is a game that I’m especially fond of. Kostya Teterin showed me the first prototype of the Sparrow-powered game “Fix the Leaks” more than a year ago, and I was immediately in love with the cute characters and the creative level design. Believe it or not, this was developed and designed by a single person!

» Homepage - GamePlay Video - App Store: iPhone - App Store: iPad

The Inner World

As a huge fan of the old LucasArts Adventure games of the 90s, I was absolutely thrilled to see a classic, old-school adventure game built with our engines. And not only that: “The Inner World” is the first time a Starling game is available at retail: box, handbook, stickers and all!

If you prefer a download, you can also get it in the Mac App Store and via Steam (beginning on September 27th); an iPad version is coming soon. The game is the debut game of Studio Fizbin in Germany and earned a lot of praise from gaming magazines. Powered by Sparrow and Starling (depending on the version you’re playing).

» Homepage - Trailer (en) - Trailer (de) - Mac App Store


“Nyrthos” is an Indie Browser ARPG in the spirit of Diablo and Gothic. Developed over the course of 3 years by a team of just two people (yes, you read right), it’s on par with costly Triple-A productions!

You can currently play the alpha version on Facebook - the developers are eager to hear your feedback! The final version will be playable in the browser and iOS / Android devices. Powered by Starling, of course.

» Homepage - Facebook App

Star Trek Rivals

I admit it: I’ve always loved Star Trek. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I heard that a Sparrow-powered game with an official “Star Trek - Into Darkness” license was being created! Developed by Elephant Mouse, it’s an online-multiplayer card game that features all famous characters, ships and items of the latest Star Trek Movie. How cool is that?!

» Homepage - Trailer - App Store

The Tapping Dead

This is a wonderful retro-style Zombie game with “old school difficulty”, funky arcade music and plenty of pixel-blood - in two words: Great Fun! It received excellent reviews (e.g. from TouchArcade) and was featured on Google Play. Powered by Starling & Feathers!

» Trailer - App Store - Google Play

Keep them coming!

What do you say - those are some amazing games, right? We’re flattered that Gamua played a part in these productions. Kudos & Congratulations to the developers! We wish you the best of luck in the stores.