Introducing: The Starling Wiki

Daniel Sperl on April 11, 2012

The new Gamua homepage has now been online for a while, but it lacked an area where the Starling community could organize itself; a dynamic place to collect and showcase all kinds of information.

A place like that is now finally available! It’s the Starling Wiki.

What is the Starling Wiki?

Most of you will have visited the Starling Forum from time to time, and will have noticed how much is going on there. With an ever-growing community, there is a lot of information flowing around. Some users wrote detailed tutorials, others created extremely powerful extensions. Furthermore, there are countless informative tips and answers waiting to be discovered.

For this reason, we were looking for a way to make those contributions easier to make and, perhaps even more important: easier to find. About a year ago, the Sparrow Wiki was launched for the same reason, and it worked out really well. It was time to create a similar place for Starling.

What to find there

Currently, the wiki contains the following sections:

  • The Starling Manual: a complete manual on Starling, starting from scratch.
  • Tutorials & Code Snippets: a growing list of tutorials and code that may be useful in many games.
  • Extensions: discover custom classes to get new functionality for your apps. Includes the Particle System and the Foxhole UI components!
  • Starling-powered games: add your Starling-powered games and apps to this list!

(Nearly) all the content is free for anybody to edit and extend. Editing pages can be done anonymously; registering is only necessary if you want to create a new page. Each page contains a big “Edit” button at the bottom.

So don’t be shy - we need your help! A wiki that is collecting dust is rather useless. If you have written a cool extension or want to write a tutorial on an interesting topic, we would be proud to have it in the wiki!

Of course, it is important to keep the wiki organized and well structured, so that anybody can easily find what he/she is looking for. For that reason, we created useful categories and filled the wiki with a lot of initial content, setting an example of how it should be organized.


We hope that you find the wiki as useful as we do! There is now one single place to go when looking for documentation, and a place hosting extensions that constantly enhance Starling, even in times when there is no new release at hand.

P.S.: The wiki was created with the amazing Wiki-Engine DokuWiki. I can warmly recommend it to anyone who wants to set up a wiki! Special thanks to Andreas Gohr for this great software.