Lil' Birds

Holger Weissböck on November 24, 2011

Hi folks,

today we are very happy to brief you on something a bit aside from this blog’s default candy:

We just got word from Villain that their newest game Lil’ Birds landed in the AppStore today. Lil’ Birds allows you to breed, pet, feed, collect and share birds to your liking. It transforms your device into a feathered cuteness machine.

“But what does this have to do with Sparrow?”, you ask.

Well, for one it’s about thousands of cute little birds and we obviously love birds. But there is more to it than the eye can see:

Lil’ Birds is based on the Sparrow Framework!

Lil' Birds hatching.

Yes you heard right. All those birds are flying by the power of Sparrow. Lil’ Birds is a production of huge value done by a team of experienced game developers. This is exciting news for us since it verifies what most of us already knew:

Sparrow easily carries the weight of a large and professional game production.

By the way: The game is free as a bird and thus I recommend you check it out to see what Villain created on top of Sparrow!

Well, that’s it for today. Happy coding, happy breeding and see you soon!