Sparrow at the University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg (Austria)

Daniel Sperl on May 19, 2011

Yesterday, Holger and me visited the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg (Austria), where we had the honor of introducing Sparrow to the students of the “Mobile Computing” Master’s degree program.

"Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences"

For us, it felt a little like a trip back in time, as we both studied “Media Technology and Design” at the same university until 2003. Gosh, where’s the time gone? The campus must have tripled in size since we’ve been there the last time.

In our two hour talk, we touched several different topics - like our motivation behind the framework and what it’s for, but also more general topics like what we consider important in API design, or the joys and difficulties of managing an open source project. Special thanks to Stefan Gusenbauer, the lecturer who invited us in the first place, and to all the students! It was great talking to you - we know it was a long afternoon, and we really appreciate your interest and active collaboration in the talk!

Who knows, perhaps we’ll see one or another of our listeners in the forum in the future - I’m looking forward to it! Until then, good luck in your exams!