Starling JS
The Open-Source Game Engine For JavaScript
...In An Early Preview
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This demo has been created with an early preview version. The beautiful artwork is of course from the great Chris Georgenes, who is also responsible for the Starling and Sparrow artwork. Thanks, Chris!
Coding The Code
If you are like us, now would be the time you'd want to see some naked code. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a sneak peek at how coding with the framework looks like. If you're coming from a Starling, Sparrow or ActionScript backround, you'll feel right at home. Does this look familiar to you?
//create a hero
var hero:display.Image = new display.Image(Game.assets.getTexture("hero"));
hero.x = 50;
hero.alpha = 0.5;

//add a touch event listener
hero.addEventListener(events.TouchEvent.TOUCH, function():void {
    console.log("Our hero has been touched!");

//tween the hero
juggler.tween(hero, 1.0, { x: 100 });
Leverage Your Starling & Sparrow Skills
The new framework does not only share the same API, it's based on a language that is easy to learn for any developer: TypeScript. Profit from ECMAScript 6 features, type safety and great IDE support. However, if you want, you're free to develop in pure JavaScript, as well.
Built On Modern Web Technologies
The current version uses Canvas to render the display list, but the long term target is definitely WebGL. We believe that this will provide the best possible performance, and we trust that it will be available in all major browsers in the near future.
Designed For Games
As with Starling & Sparrow, the API is flexible enough to create any application. However, our design choices always focus on game developers. You'll get particle systems, physics support and easy ways to display animations built with Adobe Flash or similar tools.
Open Source, Lightweight, Easy to Use
Those virtues are shared among all our frameworks -- this one is no different. You'll be provided with extensive documentation, a wiki for tutorials and extensions, as well as a new community forum.
Don't Miss The Release!
We're currently working very hard on getting this thing out the door. However, we can't give you a definitive release date yet. If you want to make sure you don't miss the date, please register here and we'll notify you when the time has come: